Democratic Congressional Candidate Wants Every Illegal Immigrant To Be Granted Amnesty

REUTERS/Joshua Roberts

Mike Brest Reporter
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A Democratic Congressional candidate from Kentucky has announced his desire for every illegal immigrant in the country to be granted amnesty in a statement on Monday.

“I am calling for action to help the millions of undocumented people already working in our communities, serving in our military and raising families by granting amnesty,” said congressional hopeful Hank Linderman, according to the Louisville Courier Journal.

Linderman’s policy idea would provide any “qualified” illegal immigrant who is still in the United States by July 4, 2019, with amnesty.

He continued, “Any reform of immigration law and process in the United States must include amnesty for those already living here.”

Linderman’s statement also went on to attack the Immigration Customs Enforcement agency. He added that “the abuses we have seen, including family separations, extended incarcerations and even violent and sexual assault must stop.”

Hank Linderman is challenging incumbent Rep. Brett Guthrie, who has been in Congress since 2009.