VOTE: What’s Your Favorite Way To Bear Arms?

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Aaron Andrews Contributor
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You’re a country-loving, God-fearing, rifle-bearing American — and as such, you are armed and ready to defend liberty at a moment’s notice.

But let’s be honest: Actual opportunities to use your rifle to defend life, liberty and property are few and far between.

Now, don’t get me wrong, owning guns is still an important American right — some might even call it a duty. The mere fact that American’s can own guns ought to be a deterrent of bad guys and despots alike. But honestly, this isn’t the Wild West anymore. The plain truth is that most American civilians go their whole lives without using a gun to protect life and freedom.

So, how do you actually exercise your right to bear arms?

As with all civilized peoples, American’s have channeled their capacity for violent action into sports.

Here are a few examples of activities that allow you to exercise your Constitutional right to bear arms.

Which is your favorite? Which did we leave off the list?

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