Police Discover Intoxicated Nude Man Doing Jumping Jacks In Women’s Restroom

Brody Tyler Young (Photo: Metro Nashville Police Department)

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Nashville police responded to a call regarding a nude person locked inside a restroom at McDonald’s. Management stated the man was locked in the restroom all day. Upon unlocking the door, the police discovered 25-year-old Brody Tyler Young nude, reeking of chemicals, and doing jumping jacks inside the stall.

It was reported that Young “was erratic and doing jumping jacks and hitting the wall,” according to WFAA.

It was later stated that Young smelled of chemical fumes and may have been huffing, according to WFAA. He reportedly has a history of doing so and was supposedly told to stay away from the business in the past.

Police placed Young into custody after considering him intoxicated and a danger to himself and others.

Young was charged with public intoxication, public indecency and trespassing.

He was released on bond the following morning and scheduled to appear in court later that day.

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