Sean Hannity Provides CNN And Jim Acosta Advice On How To Be Unbiased

Fox News 7/31/2018

Mike Brest Reporter
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Fox News’ Sean Hannity blasted CNN and the network’s White House correspondent Jim Acosta, after Acosta complained that Trump supporters were booing him and his network at Trump’s rally on Tuesday night.


“I’m going to actually give your network some advice, if you have an open mind and an open heart, maybe a little humility. The people of this country, they’re screaming at you for a reason. They don’t like your unfair, abusively biased treatment of the President of the United States,” Hannity stated.

The show then aired a compilation of Acosta bothering people in the Trump Administration.

“Jim Acosta, that’s called opinion. And you were extremely rude,” he continued. “Oh, and a liberal partisan hack, that’s why Americans don’t trust you or fake news CNN. You pretended to be fair, and an unbiased journalist but you are not. You are not reporting facts, you are giving your opinion.”

Hannity’s attack on Acosta came after he was greeted by anti-CNN chants from Trump supporters at his rally in Tampa, Florida. (RELATED: Acosta Whines That Trump Rally Crowd Hates Him)