Meghan McCain Destroys Joy Behar On The Iran Deal

Mike Brest Reporter
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Meghan McCain of “The View” went off on co-host Joy Behar over the Iran deal and President Trump’s announcement that he’d meet with Iranian leadership without any preconditions on Tuesday’s show.


“He’s like a child, you know? When you talk to a child, they’re only in the moment. You say, ‘What happened at school yesterday?’ They don’t want to talk about that. That’s yesterday. ‘What’s going to happen tomorrow?’ I don’t know, and I don’t care. They’re only in the moment. He’s got the brain of a toddler,” Behar said.

“Do you want to go through the Iran deal? Because the Iran deal is the number-one thing that I was petrified by — by the Obama administration. The idea that we could ever trust a country that are the people that go out in the streets and scream ‘death to America,’ ‘death to Israel,’ write ‘death to Israel’ on the missiles that they drop,” McCain responded.

“That is insane. The idea that we could trust this adversarial country,” McCain continued.

“They’re not trusting,” Behar interrupted. “They’re verifying.”

“I’m sorry, that’s such ridiculous spin. It was ridiculous spin back then. We cannot trust Iran ever,” McCain screamed.

The debate on the show began when the hosts were discussing President Trump’s announcement that he’d be willing to meet with Iranian leadership without any preconditions, which he said during a joint press conference with the Prime Minister of Italy on Monday.  (RELATED: Media Pounces After Trump Gives Daily Caller A Question)