Amazon’s Alexa Is Playing Favorites With Conservative Pundits


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Amazon’s Alexa smart speaker apparently has a favorite conservative pundit in “Daily Wire” chief Ben Shapiro.

A YouTube video that featured Alexa being asked to give opinions on a number of people circulated on Wednesday, and Alexa failed to comment on any of the names listed until Shapiro was mentioned.

The smart device couldn’t find an answer to a question about President Donald Trump, and had “no opinion” about television hosts Sean Hannity (Fox News), Jake Tapper (CNN) and Rachel Maddow (MSNBC).

And it wasn’t a programmed trick, either. Multiple people asked multiple devices the same questions, and they all got similar results.

Shapiro himself was amused by the whole thing.

But he noted that things could go poorly for the smart speaker if word got around.

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