Father Pulls Gun On Man Trying To Flash Children

Fox 5 Atlanta

Annie Caputo Contributor
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A man drew his gun after a flasher showed up naked in front of children at an Atlanta park on Sunday.

The flasher, Josten Meeler, “was already touching people before he was naked so when he came up running directly toward the kids, that’s a problem,” Tae Lovelace told Fox 5 Atlanta. “It could’ve went sour if I didn’t have anything to defend myself. I didn’t know what he was capable of doing.

Lovelace was feeding the homeless with his family at a park in Newton County, Georgia, Sunday, when a man arrived in his underwear behaving strangely. Josten Meeler was “not [acting] normal and it seemed like he was under the influence of something,” according to Lovelace.

Lovelace, a father of six children, is a licensed gun owner but had never drawn his weapon before the encounter with Meeler.

“I’m a family man. I had to protect my family, by all means. Having my firearm and being licensed to carry definitely came in handy that day.”

Covington Police reported that Lovelace continued to hold Meeler at gunpoint until authorities arrived.

“It was a pretty life-changing experience, to be put in a situation like that,” Lovelace continued.