‘Corruption And Dishonesty’ — Sarah Sanders Goes After The Roots Of The Mueller Probe

Justin Caruso Contributor
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White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders went after the roots of the Mueller investigation Wednesday for “corruption and dishonesty.”


A reporter asked, “The president said a few weeks ago, or a few months ago, sorry, that he does not want to intervene with the Department of Justice. Does that tweet this morning mark a change in posture by the president?” (RELATED: Sarah Sanders Prays Before Every Press Briefing)

“It’s not an order, it’s a president’s opinion,” Sanders responded. “And it’s ridiculous that all the corruption and dishonesty that’s gone on with the launching of the witch hunt, the president has watched this process play out, but he also wants to see it come to an end, as he’s stated many times and we look forward to that happening.” (RELATED: Reporters Shout At Sarah Sanders As She Enters The State Dinner With France — She Makes Them Eat Snails)

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