Activist Shares Horrific Details After Being Arrested For Unpopular Opinions In England

Mike Brest Reporter
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Tucker Carlson had recently freed British activist Tommy Robinson on his show on Thursday night to discuss his arrest and subsequent imprisonment.


“All I’d done was read a BBC news article, a BBC news article that is still online now for millions of people to see. And I was taken and everyone would’ve watched the video, they said for a breach of the peace. They transported me to a police custody and then my solicitor contacted the police custody. Then they emailed my solicitor, my solicitor has this email, saying I was being released. Then they took me in a van back to the court through the back door and put me up before a judge,” Tommy Robinson said.

“At no point was I even asked whether I was guilty or not guilty. I was not even told, and I still to this point have not been told and don’t know what it is I am deemed to have done wrong. In a British court of law, for a fair trial for anyone, they have to understand what they are being accused of,” he continued.

Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon, was arrested for recording outside a court, reporting on a trial involving a gang of four Muslim men accused of grooming and raping a teenaged girl. (RELATED: Tommy Robinson Freed On Bail, Will Get New Trial)

Robinson  then said that at one point while in prison he was told that, “‘police are on the way to your house because there’s intel there will be acid attacks against your wife.”