Dana Loesch Levels CNN’s Acosta With Suggestion For Presser He’d Enjoy

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor

Dana Loesch, NRA TV personality and nationally syndicated radio host, dropped CNN’s Chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta with one blow on Thursday.

Loesch was responding to Acosta’s continued complaints regarding the way President Donald Trump, his administration, and his supporters treat media outlets they view as hostile.

For the past few days, beginning with President Trump’s Tampa rally on Tuesday in support of Republican gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis, Acosta has been complaining about the way media outlets and personalities — particularly CNN and Acosta himself.

When Fox News host Sean Hannity accused Acosta of editorializing rather than reporting, Acosta came out swinging.

Hannity responded by saying on his show Wednesday that, were Acosta or any other reporter ever in any real danger, he would be the first to step up and throw a punch in his defense.

The situation sputtered to a boil during Thursday’s White House press briefing, when Acosta directly challenged press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders to split with President Trump and state unequivocally that the press is not the “enemy.” She did not.

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