D’Souza Gets White Supremacist Richard Spencer To Admit Being A Socialist Progressive

Screenshot/Death Of A Nation

Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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Dinesh D’Souza’s new movie, “Death Of A Nation,” is already creating plenty of controversy.

The controversial filmmaker who was pardoned by President Trump earlier in the year for campaign finance violations is back with a film aimed directly at the roots of modern progressivism.

The film seeks to dispel rumors about which political ideology embraces fascism, racism and genocide. D’Souza makes the case that the progressive movement is rooted in the same cannon as Nazism and fascism.

The film uses the horrors of slavery in the Democratic South and the Holocaust perpetrated by the national socialists in Germany to illustrate his strongest arguments.

D’Souza attempts to dispel in the film that the Republican party is the party of racists. In one particularly compelling interview, D’Souza grilled notorious white supremacist Richard Spencer. Spencer is typically associated with the conservative right and Republicans. D’Souza drilled down to what Spencer actually believes.

Spencer’s responses are revealing and not at all in alignment with the foundations of liberty, conservatism or modern Republicanism.

D’Souza gets Spencer to admit that all rights come from the state. Spencer shrugs off the idea of natural rights, opting for a statist opinion that “ultimately the state gives rights to you.” Spencer said he did not admire Reagan but instead looked to presidents Jackson and Polk as role models.

When confronted on Jackson being the founder of the Democratic party, Spencer demurred, “Party is just the vessel one uses,” Spencer replies.

Later in the film, Spencer admits that he could be aligned with the political views of a “progressive Democrat from the 1920s.” D’Souza eventually gets Spencer to identify as a “progressive” in his world views after explaining the roots of the Democratic party.

“I guess I’m a progressive,” Spencer says in the footage.

Further footage shows Spencer saying he embraces socialism, specifically nationalized healthcare and economic government control.