Trump Coins New Nickname, Crowd Absolutely Loves It, ‘Ha! That’s It!’

Mike Brest | Reporter

President Trump came up with a new nickname for Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey Jr., while campaigning on behalf of who he’s running against, Lou Barletta on Thursday night.


“Let’s get back to some boring subjects like Bob Casey. Bob Casey — boy isn’t that boring, after these wonderful — I gotta talk about Bob Casey? I’ll start fall asleep. Don’t fall asleep as we talk about sleeping Bob. Sleeping Bob. Ha! That’s it! Sleeping Bob. That’s it! That’s it! Sleeping Bob,” Trump stated.

“Bob Casey is for open borders,” he continued. “These people would never tell you that. But you know, I know the people of Pennsylvania very well. They are not for super liberal Democrats, they are just not, unless maybe the world has changed. But Bob Casey wants open borders, which means crime. It means crime.”

The crowd began to cheer and chant after the president revealed his new nickname for Casey. (RELATED: Trump Reminisces On Election Victory, Reminds The Establishment Media What Happened That Night)

Trump was campaigning for Barletta, who is currently a Pennsylvania congressman. His opponent, Casey, is running for reelection.

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