Trevor Noah Calls Jim Jordan A ‘Scumbag’ Then Compares Him To Joe Paterno

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Comedian Trevor Noah attacked GOP Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio on “The Daily Show” Wednesday and called him a “scumbag” who is “basically Joe Paterno part two.”

“Wow, turning a blind eye to rampant sexual abuse of the kids you are supposed to be protecting,” Noah said. “I’m sorry it doesn’t get more scumbag than that. And if these allegations are true, then Jim Jordan is basically Joe Paterno part two, which sounds like a sequel nobody would want to see. It’s like ‘Titanic’ part two.” (RELATED: Trevor Noah Asks Ocasio-Cortez How She Plans To Pay For Her Agenda And Her Answer Was Typical)

Noah was referring to accusations levied against Jordan about him ignoring sexual abuse allegations while he was a wrestling coach at Ohio State. Six former coaches at the school have come out in support of Jordan, as he has continually maintained his innocence.

The Comedy Central host played clips of Jordan and one of his accusers before comparing Jordan to admitted sexual abuser and disgraced former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert.


“Believe it or not, believe it or not lots of House Republicans are standing behind Jim Jordan,” Noah said. “Yeah, maybe, maybe it’s because they’ve already seen much worse. Back in the 2000s a man named Dennis Hastert was the Republican House Speaker. And he later admitted to molesting children when he was a wrestling coach. And he was convicted for paying hush money to cover it up. So at the very worst, Jim Jordan is an upgrade from that.”

“Frankly, I think that’s what he should run on,” he said.

Noah then played a mock political advertisement, painting Jordan as the lesser of two evils and ridiculing both Republicans.

“Dennis Hastert was an admitted pedophile. He abused multiple young boys and tried to hide his horrific actions with payoffs,” the ad’s narrator said.

“Jim Jordan is only accused of enabling sexual abuse,” the ad concluded. “And the victims weren’t children. He is the progress we need. ‘Jim Jordan, not as bad as a pedophile.'”

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