Trump Jr. Looks At Current DNC Platform, Sees Stunning Similarities To 1930s Germany

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Donald Trump Jr. said on Wednesday that it’s “actually scary” how closely the current Democratic National Committee (DNC) platform is aligned with the Nazi platform of the 1930s.

“I’ve been hearing the Left talking about these things — fascism, Nazism on the right — and when you look at the actual history and how these things evolved, and you actually look at that platform versus the platform of the modern Left, you say, ‘Wait a minute, those two are really heavily aligned and, frankly, contrary to the Right,’” Trump Jr. said.

Speaking to One America News Network at a Washington, D.C., screening of conservative filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza’s latest field “Death of a Nation: Plantation Politics and the Making of the Democratic Party,” Trump Jr. noted the “clear difference” between the truth and what America’s youth are currently taught. (RELATED: ‘The World’s Dumbest Religion’ — Point By Brutal Point, Tucker Perfectly Summarizes ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’)

“When you look at the movie, you’ll see that there is a very distinct and clear difference between what actually happened and what is being sold to our youth today,” said the president’s oldest son, who attended the screening with his girlfriend, former Fox News co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle.

“You have a bunch of kids in dreadlocks running around screaming about fascism and all these things, you’re like, ‘Wait a second, have you actually taken a history class? Do you actually know what these words mean that they are running around and spewing?’ And I think they don’t,” he said.

“You see the Nazi platform in the early 1930s … and you look at it compared to the DNC platform of today, it’s like, ‘Man, those things are awfully similar’ to a point where it’s actually scary,” he continued.

“When people talk about these things, you can’t just spew that because someone told you that in history class when academia and everything has been so wrongly influenced by the left,” Trump Jr. said.


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