CNN Guest ‘[Wants] To Alert CNN Viewers Of The Jobs Report That Should ‘[Make] You Proud To Be An American’

CNN 8/3/2018

Mike Brest Reporter
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Stephen Moore, an economist reporter for the Wall Street Journal, tried to alert CNN viewers that the jobs report for July was good while being a guest on the network Friday morning.


“It is true that the numbers were a little lower than expected for July, but I just wanted to alert your viewers that there was about a 60,000 revision upward in the previous month so it’s more like 200,000,” Moore continued. “That’s a really solid number, and you know these numbers would probably be stronger in terms of jobs growth if there were more workers available. I mean, that’s really the biggest problem.”

President Donald Trump said that the economy is experiencing the longest period of sustained job growth in history. Employment has grown for 93 consecutive months, nearly doubling the previous record of 48 months. (RELATED: Fact Check: ‘We Are In The Midst Of The Longest Positive Job Growth Streak In History’)

“Look, this is a report. There’s something [radical] going on with the U.S. economy today it kind of makes you proud to be an American,” he concluded.