Judge Pirro And Sebastian Gorka LAUGH At Obama Econ Advisor Who Isn’t Happy With The Economy

Mike Brest Reporter
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Judge Pirro and Sebastian Gorka laughed at a former Obama economic advisor who was not pleased with the recent economic numbers on “The Sean Hannity Show” Friday night.


“I’m kind of surprised that you are choosing today’s job number because today’s job number was actually a whiff, was almost 40,000 below what was expected,” Austan Goolsbee stated. “157,000 is okay. Now if we had this conversation last Friday I would be totally on board with you, that we had a great GDP jobs growth number and the president should be proud of that number.”

Gorka and Pirro both sneered and laughed as Goolsbee was talking.

“Okay Austan, I know you have a tough job tonight but we’re going to have to go after you,” Pirro responded.

“Can’t we just be happy for all Americans, just for once?” Gorka asked. “I’ve just read your new book, you know the president, you’ve known him a long time. He wants success for all Americans, this is what the left doesn’t get. I worked for him, I took the job with him for one reason, because he doesn’t care if you voted for him or not.”

“I think what they would say is the numbers you’ve quoted where you say more than 4 million people have gotten a raise. There’s 150 million works in the country,” Goolsbee shot back. “If you look at job creation rates or wage growth, both of those have actually slowed down in the 18 months that we’ve been under Donald Trump.”