Kellyanne Conway Reveals What The Establishment Media Is Doing And Attacks Them For It

Fox News 8/3/2018

Mike Brest Reporter
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Kellyanne Conway exposed the tactics of the establishment media, explaining on Sean Hannity’s show Friday night that people were particularly annoyed that the Trump administration was effectively cutting out the middleman through its use of Twitter and televised rallies.

She said, “He takes the case directly to the people, and the middleman doesn’t like it. He communicates with all of us the very same time what’s on his mind at any given moment through his vast social media platform and cuts out the middleman.”


“The other thing is, I know there’s a lot of hand-wringing about the media bias, and this, that and the other. I mean, is the ocean wet? But the fact is that the bias of selectivity is the one I’ve been talking about since the campaign, certainly through the transition administration,” she started.

Conway was talking to Judge Pirro who was filling in for Hannity on the show. They were discussing the consistently incomplete reporting by the establishment media.

“You can look at biased coverage but I think what is harming America is what I refer to as incomplete coverage, the omission of all the stories that are actually news you can use,” Conway continued. “Details and facts and figures that people need to know as Americans, so the administration and the media each have vast platforms, ours is much bigger frankly.”