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Excel has proven itself an invaluable tool to identify opportunities, improve efficiency and drive goals. Yet many professionals struggle to make use of this ubiquitous tool in an effective way. The Microsoft Excel Bundle includes three courses that give you the analytical and organizational skills you need to get the most out of this essential piece of software. And right now, lifetime access is only $10 after a limited-time 98% discount for Daily Caller readers.

Normally $540, this Excel bundle is 98 percent off

Normally $540, this Excel bundle is 98 percent off

The Essential Microsoft Excel Lifetime Bundle on sale for $9.99

Start with navigational basics—don’t worry about how much you know going in. Progress to analyze data to reach actionable insights, work with complex charts & graphs, and construct an interactive dashboard. Building on those foundations dive into PivotTables, one of Excel’s most useful features.

By visualizing data to streamlining analysis, The Essential Microsoft Excel Lifetime Bundle will give you the skills to increase daily performance and give you a leg up on your resume. If you want to be your best professional self, you should put the time in to really learn this software. Pick up the bundle for just $10 at the shop—98% off the $541 MSRP.

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