Police Investigate Unconscious Man Dragged Off Train With Pants Down

Frank Bojazi Freelancer
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Long Beach police are investigating the details of a man in a suit who dragged an unconscious passenger from a train while he appeared to be suffering from a medical condition, and then left him on the platform of the Metro. A video of the incident has been shared on social media in hopes of identifying the man who left the other on the ground.

It was reported by ABC7 that police responded to a medical call from the Metro Blue Line Willow Station. A video of the situation, longer than six minutes, was shown. It revealed the unconscious man being dragged from the train, pants falling down, and left on the ground.

The man on the ground had reportedly suffered a seizure while on the train. That’s when the other passenger apparently removed the suffering man from the train. He then threw the unconscious man’s belongings outside of the train and returned to his seat.

The man who recorded the video then argued with the suited man who had removed the unconscious passenger. This carried on for about five minutes, then the man in the suit checked on the unconscious man’s well-being. He was reportedly still breathing, but his eyes were closed. Medics arrived shortly after.

It’s unknown if the well-dressed man committed any crime, but authorities are investigating.

Metro released a statement, part of which read “this is very disturbing and we never want to see this on our system. We’re getting all the facts including reviewing the video from the train and the platform.”