Kurt Schlichter Defends Trump’s Media Slams, Dishes Some Advice For Jim Acosta

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Townhall senior columnist Kurt Schlichter defended President Trump’s media slams and included some relevant advice to CNN’s Jim Acosta during a Saturday appearance on Fox News’ “Watters’ World.”


“Look, this is a week where the New York Times — the flagship of the liberal media — hired an avowed racist, someone who if you just changed the nature of the person she was hating would be another David Duke, and they hired her and they defended her,” Schlichter said in response to Fox News host Jesse Watters’ contention that the “fake news” has “made enemies of the people.”

The Townhall columnist then had a piece of advice for CNN’s Jim Acosta, who has taken particular umbrage at President Trump’s “enemy of the people” moniker. (RELATED: Acosta Demands Sanders Denouce ‘Enemy Of The People’ Rhetoric) 

“It’s ridiculous, it’s disgraceful,” Schlichter continued. “Enemy of the people? You don’t want to be called the enemy of the people? I have a great idea. Stop being the enemy of the people!”

Former Obama official Anton Gunn said that the president should “stay above the fray” and “have some thicker skin” regarding the press. (RELATED: Tucker: The Angry Left Is ‘Totally Distorted By Their Rage,’ Inability To ‘Topple’ Trump)

To which Schlichter responded:

We spent eight years with George Bush being a gentleman, taking it, and taking it on our behalf. Now we’ve got someone who throws back when they throw down. I love it. It’s time to get in these people’s faces and say no, you’re not going to treat me with condescension. No. You are not going to insult me. No, I am not going to be treated with disrespect. If these are the new rules, welcome to ’em. That’s how we’re playing the game.

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