Protesters Confronted Judge Kavanaugh — Here’s How He Handled Them

REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

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As Judge Brett Kavanaugh meets with senators during the process of his Supreme Court confirmation, protesters have demonstrated and shouted questions at President Trump’s second SCOTUS pick.

A group lined up outside Senator John Thune’s office on Wednesday.

During one instance, Kavanaugh waded through a crowd of protesters who shouted questions at him — and ignored them completely. NowThis News tweeted a video on Friday with the caption, “Protesters confronted Judge Kavanaugh about healthcare, and he literally ignored them.”

The questions recorded included: “Why did you rule against coverage?”; “Will you protect our healthcare?”; and “Do you generally ignore citizens?”

The questions were ignored by Kavanaugh.

Liberals weren’t happy with Kavanaugh’s non-response. Bernie Sanders’ former national Get Out the Vote digital director, Melissa Byrne, tweeted, “A few days ago, Judge Kavanaugh refused to chat about healthcare. Is this the future we want? #StopKavanaugh”

And called for more …


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