Trump Stops Motorcade Next To A Group Of Firefighters — What He Does Next Went Viral

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A video from June showing an impromptu presidential stop to greet and thank a group of surprised firefighters has gone viral this weekend after it was posted on several pro-Trump Twitter accounts Saturday evening.


The video shows Trump’s limousine stopping abruptly, presumably on Trump’s orders, as two Secret Service agents come to the window to speak with the president.

A firefighter who had been videoing the motorcade can be heard saying “No, he’s not …” and nervously laughing.

But then, Trump exits the vehicle and applauds the firefighters as he makes his way towards them.

“Thank you, men, thank you,” the president can be heard saying as he shakes hands, poses for selfies, and makes his way through the group.

“That’s awesome!” says the person making the video.

The president has been a steady and vocal supporter of America’s heroes, including firefighters, military, and law enforcement. In May, Trump stopped to visit with local law enforcement officers while on his way back to Washington, D.C. from a roundtable discussion on MS-13 and illegal immigration in New York.

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