CBS Highlights Lack Of Security On Northern Border

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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CBS exposed the lack of enforcement measures at the northern U.S. border on Monday, noting that the number of people illegally crossing into the United States from the north is up 142 percent.


Newsbusters first pointed out the segment, which features Reporter Don Dahler in Vermont showing just how easy it is to cross between the United States and Canada.

In one area, the border was separated only by potted plants and some small boulders. Elsewhere in a remote corner of New York, the border was protected only by a small gate that could easily be hopped or ducked under.

“Does this represent the physical security infrastructure along the northern border? A gate with a lock?” Dahler asked.

“This is a part of that, yes,” a border agent replied with a sigh.

“The northern border is much more vast,” the agent later explained. “The terrain is very difficult to work in and we do not have the resources at our disposal that the southern border has.”

Dahler also found that some border checkpoints are unmanned at night and they “rely on local residents, patrols, and sensors to alert them to possible crossings.”

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