CNN Goes To Motorcycle Rally To Talk Russian Collusion — Gets Reality Check From Man Dressed As Skeleton


Benny Johnson Columnist, Viral Politics
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CNN sent a reporter to Sturgis, South Dakota, to ask questions of some of the hundreds of thousands of bikers who travel to the remote city each year for the largest biker gathering in the world.

CNN reporter Bill Weir wandered around the blue-collar town in a CNN ‘Facts First’ shirt asking weathered, pro-Trump bikers if they cared about Russian collusion charges against Trump. CNN was shut down each time.

One biker said the “dark cloud” of Russian collusion was “over a lot of politicians,” and that people are going after Trump because he is “on the outside.”

“How come the Clintons can do things and no one else can?” the biker asked.

Another biker said of Trump meeting Putin, “I don’t see any reason to call him out. If they don’t want to be friends it is another story?”

One of the funniest reality checks for Weir, however, came from a man in a skeleton outfit. Weir spoke with the rider named “John” who is identified as a postal worker from Kentucky. He first asked John if he thinks Trump is doing a good job.

“He is doing a lot better than what Obama did,” John said. Then Weir asked about Russian collusion charges. John got woke: “They’re saying Hillary colluded with them. They’re saying [Trump] colluded with them. Its just one blaming the other … I think they need to have some cold hard facts instead of just saying this and that.”

Will be joining my buds on @NewDay tomorrow with a live hit from #SturgisRally
Here’s a taste. pic.twitter.com/L9RIPOqyl4

Weir went on to complain about the lack of minorities in the rural town, saying, “This is one city that looks nothing like the rest of America,” Weir, who is a white male, observes, “You can go hours without seeing a person of color. In Sturgis, a minority is a white guy on a foreign bike.”

Eventually, bikers surrounded Weir and called him “fake news.”