Get A Personalized Experience With This Budget-Friendly Fitness Tracker

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If you’re looking to get the most from your workouts and recovery, then it’s a great idea to invest in a fitness tracker that gives you personalized insight into your daily exercise and sleeping behavior. You can do just that — without breaking the bank — thanks to the Striiv Fusion Activity & Sleep Tracker, available now for less than $30.

Normally $60, this activity tracker is 50 percent off

Normally $60, this activity tracker is 50 percent off

Striiv Fusion Activity & Sleep Tracker (Black) on sale for $29.99

The Fusion is your ideal companion all day and all night. Wear it anywhere — whether that’s in the shower, at work, or at the gym — to track your active minutes per day. Meaning, this sleek and stylish device tracks your steps taken, calories burned, and distance traveled to account for the number of minutes you’re active or exercising every day. Go to bed wearing the device as well and it will track your sleep quality and duration.

All of this means you’ll get valuable insight into your daily exercise and sleeping behavior, which you can then use as the baseline to set goals for yourself — and that’s where the Fusion shines. It’s easy to set goals for yourself thanks to its upgraded technology and improved design. Want to hit a certain number of steps per day? How about getting better sleep every night? With loads of customization options, like setting daily step goals and personalizing alarms, you’ll get more from your workouts and recovery in no time.

Get the Striiv Fusion Activity & Sleep Tracker for $29.99 in The Daily Caller Shop. That’s 50% off the original price of $59.99.


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