MSNBC Bleeps Rick Wilson After Profanity-Ridden, Never-Trump Tirade

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MSNBC contributor and staunch anti-Trump Republican Rick Wilson went on a cursing rant during a “Morning Joe” segment, forcing the network to cut his audio on Monday morning.


“You are like one of the avatars of never-Trump Republican-ism” John Heilemann, an MSNBC national affairs correspondent, told Wilson. “How do you explain what has happened t0 your party with respect to this fellow? ” Heilemann asked.

“Cocaine is a hell of drug,” Wilson bluntly replied. He then began a lecture about a “huge courage deficit in this country” before the audio cut out.

Wilson was on a seven-second delay which gave producers enough time to cut his profanity. The MSNBC contributor apparently called the GOP “chickensh*ts” who “hate assh*le Trump.”

When the audio comes back, Mika can be heard saying, “Are you saying that on TV?”

Joe Scarborough decided to jump in after a long and awkward silence following Wilson’s rant.

“Hey, Rick, you owe me maybe a dinner. Because of my past failures, of course — it happens every day — we had to implement a seven-second delay, so what you said will probably not make it out there.” Scarborough said.

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