Streaker At MLB Game Could Be Deported — ‘Charges Are Very Serious’


Jena Greene Reporter
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A man who streaked during a game between the Seattle Mariners and the Toronto Blue Jays is facing possible deportation.

The streaker — an Irish immigrant and currently lives in Vancouver, Canada — decided to streak on a whim after reportedly making good on an $80 bet. (RELATED: Here Are The Six Cities The MLB Wants To Expand Into)

The man made a pretty good run across the outfield before being tackled and clothed by Safeco Field security.

Some of the footage is hysterical. If you look close enough, you may be able to make out his very appropriate shamrock tattoo.

He was taken into custody but his friends quickly set up a GoFundMe to bail him out. But his problems didn’t end there.

According to SpotsNet reporter Hazel Mae, the Irish man stands to be deported from Canada to Ireland should his host country feel inclined to take such disciplinary measures.

Talk about a high stakes bet.

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