Trudeau Border Minister: ‘We Need To Do A Better Job’ At Communicating — Not Stopping Illegals

David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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Trudeau Border Security Minister Bill Blair says his government needs “to do a better job,” at providing “accurate and honest information,” but not at stopping illegal immigration.

Blair told CBC News that the government has a message problem, not a border crisis problem.

“Clearly, I’ve got to do a lot of work in making sure we provide accurate and honest information about what is actually transpiring,” he said.

Blair was responding Saturday to reports that two-thirds of Canadians no longer believe the government when it says it has border security under control. Fully 67 percent of those polled by the Angus Reid Institute called the influx of illegal border crossers a “crisis.”

But Blair doesn’t think there is any crisis. He told CBC that all that negative talk is just “fear mongering” and suggested he just needed to communicate better with Canadians.

“I think it clearly demonstrates we need to do a better job,” Blair told CBC.

The same day that the poll was released, Blair Blair was in Toronto to meet with the city’s mayor. As promised, he released the first $11 million instalment from the Trudeau government to pay for the cost of putting illegals into hotel rooms.

Blair did not announce any other measures to cope with the escalating number of illegals that are descending upon Canada’s largest city — such as enforcing the law against illegal immigrants.

Blair said the government just needs to “do our job” as it continues to manage the situation.

“I think we have a responsibility to do our job and to make sure that these processes are appropriately managed, that the interest of Canada and Canadians is maintained, while at the same time we fulfill our obligation.”

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