Candace Owens Fires Back At Fox News Guest Who Doubted The Validity Of Her Attack

(Photo: Screenshot/Fox Business)

Mike Brest Reporter
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Conservative Candace Owens responded to Fox News guest — and former contributor — Chris Hahn for being skeptical of the altercation between her and Antifa on Brian Kilmeade’s radio show Tuesday afternoon.

“Antifa and Black Lives Matter protesters show up at every single scheduled event Charlie Kirk and I have on campus,” Owens said. “Maybe you’ve missed that and you haven’t been paying attention, and I’ll allow that.”

“All across the board, in this nation, every Antifa group in this nation knows who we are, OK?” she added.

Her comments were directed at Chris Hahn, a former staffer for New York Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer, who questioned the authenticity of the attack on Laura Ingraham’s show Monday night.

He said, “I’m suspicious of this, whether or not this is real or not. I’m not saying I know for sure. I don’t. But it’s kind of weird to me, you are a much bigger star and you can go out to breakfast and nobody is protesting you. So I’m a little dubious on this whole thing.” (RELATED: Fox News Contributor Thinks Owens And Kirk Staged Harassment Video: ‘I’m Suspicious Of This’)

Conservative activists Charlie Kirk and Owens were harassed by protesters at a Philadelphia coffee shop Monday morning. (RELATED: Candace Owens, Charlie Kirk Details The Moment Their Breakfast Became An Assault)