Candace Owens Trashes Jim Acosta For Complaining About Anti-CNN Chants After Getting Attacked

Mike Brest Reporter

Conservative Candace Owens explained the difference between when she was attacked on Monday morning and CNN’s Jim Acosta complaining about chants at Trump rallies on Tuesday evening’s “The Five.”


“The restaurant opened. We sat down first. Suddenly a table of four came in and they had on Antifa decals,” Owens stated. “They were quite noticeable. They sneered at me and Charlie [Kirk] and they sat down. But, here’s what we did wrong. We underestimated the left.”

She continued, “We thought they could get through a breakfast peacefully and sit there and eat their meal and allow us to do the same. But of course, they were sending out a ‘bat signal’ for all the other Antifa protesters to come and arrive and to stalk and harass us.”

“I want to say something about what happened to Candace. I deplore that. Absolutely, just as I deplore what happened to CNN’s Jim Acosta at the Trump rally in Tampa. I think this is going beyond the pale,” Geraldo Rivera, a Fox News contributor. “It is intolerable, and if you push me, for instance, I am going to push you back in a physical way. And I know that … Didn’t they spill water on you?”

Conservative activists Kirk and Owens were harassed by protesters at a Philadelphia coffee shop Monday morning. (RELATED: Candace Owens, Charlie Kirk Details The Moment Their Breakfast Became An Assault)

“Yeah. Jim Acosta, it was a chant. They threw water, they threw eggs, they threw food at us. So, this was different. And we were not at a Trump rally. We were eating breakfast,” Owens responded.