Democratic Congressman Lambasts His Own Party: ‘Have Been Failing Miserably’

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Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-NY) slammed the current state of the Democratic Party in an interview with Stephanie Ruhle on Tuesday morning.


Ruhle is visibly frustrated with all the legislative and judicial victories Republicans have had under the Trump administration.

“We say all the time Republicans are struggling. We say that. Where exactly are they struggling, though? They’re struggling in that we talk about their ridiculous behavior, how insincere they are, the hypocrisy. But Mitch McConnell, he’s getting all the things he wants done,” she told Maloney.

“Despite a good economy, [voters] feel the division that Donald Trump has imposed upon us. Voters are not looking at platforms of Medicare for all or ObamaCare, whatever it might be. Those are important for the parties to talk about. I think the American people are voting on whether or not you trust Donald Trump,” former Republican Congressman David Jolly speculated.

It was at this point that Rep. Maloney could not hold back any longer.

“We’ve been failing miserably. The Democratic Party better get in the game. We’re losing the Supreme Court. We’ve been getting our butt kicked in Washington. These elections have enormous consequences,” Maloney asserted.

“What I’m saying is that is the result of Merrick Garland, which was a disgrace. That is the result of losing our way as a Democrat, act like a bunch of jerks who can only talk when a pollster tells us what to say,” he continued.

Maloney’s comments come as he jumped into the New York Attorney General’s race in June.

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