Tom Hardy Launches Into Hero Mode During Tour Of Hometown Interview

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Tom Hardy reminded everyone he’s one of the good guys after launching into hero mode during an interview and tour of his hometown for Esquire magazine.

The plan was to retrace the path the 40-year-old actor took from his “privileged bourgeois background” to where he now lives in the upper-class town of Richmond, England, via a motorcycle ride,” according to the September issue of the magazine out Tuesday.

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Five minutes into the ride, the “Dunkirk” star pulls over after spotting a commotion on the side of the road. It turns out to be the mother of one of Hardy’s childhood friends, Mae. She’s lying face up half on the sidewalk, half on the street with blood covering her face.

“Mae, it’s Tommy,” Hardy said after dropping to one knee to care to her needs. “Squeeze my hand. Keep talking to us. Can you open your eyes?”

An ambulance arrives a short time later, she is responding but barely. Then her son Albert shows up and the actor wraps his arm around him after seeing his injured mother.

“Your mom took a whack to the forehead. But I’m not concerned immediately, cause she’s responding better than when we arrived. And cause they’re not rushing off,” the “Black Hawk Down” star told Albert. “You settle in at the hospital, and then we’ll meet you.”

“Albert needs to be alone with his mum and his thoughts,” Hardy shared after the ambulance and his pal left. “He’s going to be taking care of her, so it’s important he pays attention. Sometimes, when there are other people around, that’s hard to do.”

Later, he arrives at the hospital and gives his friend something positive to see about his mom’s condition.

“She’s walking, mate. That’s a good sign,” Hardy said. “The next thing we’re going to get is an X-ray, or maybe a CT scan if they’re concerned about bleeding or swelling in the brain. They’ve got to check all the boxes.”

Hardy then steps out to talk to the nurse and a few minutes later they return to take Mae who’s now at the top of the list.

Before he leaves, Mae pulls him in close and promises to see his upcoming Marvel movie “Venom.”

“I want you to know that I have plans to see Venom,” she said. “You’ve done something that’s close to my heart. You know I’m a sci-fi freak.”

“You’re gonna enjoy this one,” the actor shared. “This one’s just for you. And for my boy.”

“Venom” hits theaters October 5.