Would You Swipe Right On A College?


Zachery Schmidt Contributor
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Tinder is a popular smartphone app used mostly by millennials trying to hook up with each other. But a group of college students using the app in Logan, Utah, had a more peculiar experience with the app when they came across a profile for Utah State University.

Utah State University created a Tinder account to reach students to talk them about topics like sexual assault and consent.

Felicia Gallegos, the school’s sexual assault and anti-violence information office (SAAVI) outreach and prevention coordinator, told Fox 13 the account would use messages about healthy relationships instead of pictures.

“Our profile is a little bit different than most people’s normal profiles,” Gallegos told Fox 13. “We do have Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, but Tinder is kind of the more recent dating app that we might be able to reach more students in.”

Utah State creating the Tinder profile comes after Torrey Green, a former football player accused of sexual assault, used the app to meet women.

“For the fall, we’re really focusing on consent,” Amanda DeRito, Utah State’s misconduct coordinator told Fox 13. “What that means and that it has to be clear; it has to be freely given, it has to be coherent. Both parties have to be able to freely give it or else there is no consent.”

The account did not last long; Tinder took it down on August 2.