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Afternoon Mirror: Writer Calls Bill Kristol A ‘Festering Trash Bag’

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Day:

“How many times will the Bill Maher producer follow and unfollow and follow and unfollow and follow and unfollow and follow me on Twitter before I say, ‘sup dude?'”

Tyler Coates, senior culture editor, GQ.

BULLSH@T CNN’s Brian Stelter says he isn’t left or right 

“I’m a media reporter, not left or right. How do you know all the things I’m mad about? I don’t use Twitter to list off my grievances. This site would be much better if no one did that.” — so-called media reporter Brian Stelter (D-CNN).

Finally, someone explains … why what CNN’s Jim Acosta is doing is wrong. Here.

Real HuffPost Story … Millions of girls are missing school because of their menstruation cycles. They can’t afford supplies. Here.

Tamron Hall: ‘We all have one more round in us’ 

Hall is getting a new daytime syndicated talk show on ABC. The deal is inked with Disney-ABC. Hall left NBC’s “TODAY” Show in 2017 under a cloud of controversy when Megyn Kelly essentially swooped in and stole the 9 a.m. hour.

Journo Hate 

“Regularly scheduled reminder that Bill Kristol is a festering trash bag.” — Cassandra Fairbanks, The Gateway Pundit. Kristol is editor-at-large of The Weekly Standard.

Mario Cantone cracks on Caitlyn Jenner 

“Oh, Caitlyn… so eloquently put,’extraordinarily disappointing’. I could say that about you too. But I won’t. In my own eloquent way, I’ll just say you’re a fucking idiot too.” — Mario Cantone, comedian, reoccurring character on “Sex In The City,” responding to The Hill: ‘Caitlyn Jenner: Trump has been ‘extraordinarily disappointing.'”

Writer tests a new editor’s boundaries with ‘bake potato-bodied’ 

“First time I work with a new editor, I always try to insert one thing that’s almost certainly going to get deleted just to get a handle for what their boundaries are when it comes to something being in good/bad taste. Today’s casualty: describing someone as ‘baked potato-bodied.'” — Parker Malloy, who has written for the NYT, Guardian and Rolling Stone.

Journo horrified about Infowars’ Alex Jones’s age 

“How is Alex Jones only 8 years older than me? I guess all that yelling and gay frog talk really ages a person.” — Kimberly Ross, senior contributor, RedState.

Trey Yingst heads to Fox News’s Jerusalem bureau

“Excited to join @FoxNews as a correspondent based out of Jerusalem.” — Trey Yingst, formerly a White House correspondent for One America News Network.

Journo publicly gives herself a break

“Every time I beat myself up over anything, I remind myself that I am the parent of a toddler with a full-time job in media, and I should honestly give myself a medal for spelling my goddamn name correctly.” — EJ Dickson, deputy digital editor, Men’s Health.

Reporter thinks Paul Ryan profiles are lame 

“Every Paul Ryan profile goes out of its way to note that he’s a ‘think tank conservative’ who read Ayn Rand as a child and who works out every morning. None of them ever note the federal deficit has doubled under his speakership.” — Joe Perticone, politics reporter, Business Insider. Here’s the one he was referring to in the NYT.

CJ Pearson heads back to school 

“Your boy’s back to school tomorrow so if you see a little less of me, don’t worry! I’m still alive! Dying on the inside because of math class but still alive!” — CJ Pearson, young conservative go-getter.

Gossip Roundup 









NYP’s Page Six: Fox News Business host Lou Dobbs is in the Hamptons telling people that all Dems know how to do is “hate” and “savagery.” Fox News’ Sean Hannity is there, too, talking shit about how “losing the country” he loves is “scary.” Here.

Deadline Hollywood: CBS has the rights to a UK-based love reality show, “Love Island.” It probably won’t be as good as the Euro version. But it has to be better than Bachelor in Paradise. Here.

TMZ: Take that Angelina Jolie! Ex-husband Brad Pitt snaps back after being accused of being a deadbeat dad. Here.

Vanity Fair: Anthony Bourdain‘s “fixers” over the years talk about the man they knew. ‘Behind every bite of Moroccan sheep testicle or sip of high-octane Georgian chacha that Anthony Bourdain took on-screen was a fixer like Zentoh.” Here. “The Tony we used to work with back then was always laughing and drinking. We got loaded all the time,” says Mike Walsh, who went to work for “No Reservations” in 2005. “By the end of some nights, we were all a little slurry.”