Lou Dobbs And Mark Steyn Rip Into Democrats For Anointing Ocasio-Cortez Head Of The Party

Mike Brest Reporter
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Fox Business host Lou Dobbs and Mark Steyn shredded Democratic socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Democrats for anointing her the head of the party, during a segment on Wednesday’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”


“Ocasio-Cortez is suddenly anointed the face of the Democratic Party. I have to say, it is a motion that I would hardly second and endorse fully because she knows nothing about economics. She actually said that the unemployment rate is so low under Trump because everyone has two jobs. There is no reasoning, no rationale,” Dobbs stated.

Tucker Carlson Tonight was hosted by Mark Steyn, who was a guest on the show earlier this week.

“She was a star. She kind of burst out on the scene. She was the new star, and it’s clear she’s not star quality,” Steyn replied.

“It is clear, perhaps, to you, to you me, to this audience, but I’m not sure it’s clear at all to the Democrats because they are the ones, after all, who carry her around as if it is precious cargo, Trump Derangement Syndrome,” Hobbs responded.

Ocasio-Cortez endorsed multiple candidates for primaries that took place on Tuesday and all but two lost. Rashida Tlaib (Michigan, thirteenth district) and James Thompson (Kansas, fourth district) won their races. (RELATED: Most Of The Candidates Ocasio-Cortez Endorsed Lost In The Primaries)