Who’s Your Favorite Conservative In Sports?

William Boyd Contributor
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Athletes today are becoming more outspoken about politics and their beliefs.

Celerity players like LeBron James have gone out on the campaign trail for candidates and made their opinions known to the world. NFL players are kneeling during the national anthem and are criticizing the president to no end.

They show their political leanings every day to show that they are not in support of the Republican president. They prefer to yell that their way is right and anything to do with the Republicans is the wrong way to think.

But not all athletes are liberal.

There are plenty of athletes today whose ideals align with the president’s and the Republican party’s. Some NFL and NBA players stay away from the social activism and believe it is not their place to talk. These players also tend to stand for the anthem and lean toward the right.

Who are your favorite secret conservative athletes? Read and vote below!