Scalise Opens Up After Failed Assassination Attempt And Death Threat He Received Last Week

Fox News 8/7/2018

Mike Brest Reporter
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Majority Whip Steve Scalise opened up about the attempt on his life and the other escalations of violence across partisan lines in an interview with Laura Ingraham on her show Tuesday night.


“There’s no place for it in politics. I first want to thank, once again, our United States Capitol Police. They were very quick to act when my office received this threat. They sent the information on to Capitol Police; Capitol Police did research; found out that this man has had some real serious concerns,” Scalise said.

“Clearly he had some strong disagreements with my political views and others. There were others that he threatened as well. He’s going to have to account to that,” the congressman added.

“You look at some of the liberal rhetoric that’s coming out from the left. They’re encouraging and inciting — in many cases — violence. And it’s got to stop,” he continued. “In fact, liberals need to call this out. They need to speak up, just as we’re speaking up saying is there’s no place for it on the Republican or Democrat side. I think people on the left need to be as vocal about calling out this kind of violence.”

Scalise was discussing Carlos Bayon, 63, the man who was arrested for threatening him last week. The police found ammunition and guides and materials for building bombs in his home. (RELATED: Man Arrested for Threatening Steve Scalise Had Ammo, Materials And Guides To Build Bombs)

The congressman from Louisiana was shot and severely wounded last year when a lone gunman attacked the Republicans’ baseball team during one of their practices.