Set The Mood For Any Occasion With This Light Strip That’s Less Than $20

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Colors and lights are a great way of changing the appearance of any space. If you’re hosting an event sometime soon — whether it’s a swanky dinner with friends or a birthday party with your family — then it’s time to think about how you want to create a particular mood with your space. With a Revogi Smart USB Light Strip, visualize music, upgrade your smart TV, and more with these flexible lights.

Normally $25, this light strip is 20 percent off

Normally $25, this light strip is 20 percent off

Revogi Smart USB Light Strip on sale for $19.99

This innovative LED light strip makes it easy to set the mood for any occasion — here’s how it works. For starters, bend, shape, and cut the light strip to perfectly fit any space. Meaning, you can place the light strip snugly into a corner or wrap it around any piece of furniture to get precise lighting. Then, pair the strip with the included Delite companion mobile app and use your smartphone, Apple Watch, Amazon Alexa, or Google Home to brighten up that space with 16 million light color options.

Besides giving you tons of color options to choose from, the light strip also provides other fun ways to enhance the mood. Visualize music like never before as you play your favorite tunes and make it a real party by having the lights strobe.

Set the mood for any occasion with a Revogi Smart USB Light Strip for $19.99 in The Daily Caller Shop. That’s 20% off the original price of $24.99.

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