VOTE: What Is Brett Kavanaugh’s WORST ‘Scandal?’


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Brett Kavanaugh has been nominated to be Supreme Court justice, and you know what that means; the laws of gravity now cease to exist, up is now down and the world is rapidly approaching a dystopian hell in which the founding document of a country is interpreted “as-written.”  The horror!

Surely, it is incumbent on a well-educated and morally conscientious populous to resist and put an end to this originalist madness at all costs.

The extensive and highly laudable research that particular media outlets have done on Mr. Kavanaugh is what will keep this country on the straight and narrow. Their findings are STUNNING!

Let’s dive into a few of the more egregious infractions Mr. Kavanaugh has committed.


Did you know Judge Kavanaugh once bought a lot of baseball tickets? If you did know, did you care? Well, folks in the mainstream media thought this little factoid would derail Kavanaugh’s path to the bench. Spending a dime on America’s pastime will land you in trouble with folks in the media. Who knew!

Case in point:

President(-ial candidate) Hillary Clinton had an incredibly accurate take on Kavanaugh’s character. She (rather insightfully) said Judge Kavanaugh would take the United States back to the 1850s.


Some people had the nerve to attack Judge Kavanuagh for drinking beer, of all things! If you ask me, being the “Treasurer of Keg City Club” is one of the best qualifiers one could include on an application to sit on the Supreme Court of the United States.


One infraction that was, in fact, noteworthy and certainly damning of Kavanaugh’s judgment was his diet in college. It is rumored Kavanaugh ate pasta with ketchup. That’s gross, and the 28th amendment to the Constitution clearly says (I’m paraphrasing), “Do not put ketchup on your pasta.” As an originalist judge, Kavanaugh should know better.

So, you tell us what you think Brett Kavanaugh’s biggest scandal was:

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