Your Dog’s Playtime Will Never Be The Same With This Popular Toy

Masha Berman | Contributor

Your dog has a lot of energy, but you necessarily don’t. And while you want your furry best friend to get their exercise, you don’t want be running around chasing after a ball. This is why you need the Chuck It! Launcher in your life.

Normally $13, this dog toy is 22 percent off (Photo via Amazon)

Normally $13, this dog toy is 22 percent off (Photo via Amazon)

ChuckIt Sport Ball Launcher Dog Toy on sale for $9.92

It is rated a number one bestseller on Amazon in pet supplies due its brilliant simplicity of use and sleek design. You place a tennis ball into the chuck it holder and then swing back and forward to well, chuck the ball. Your dog will immediately run after that ball, and you can keep sitting or standing where you are. When your dog brings the ball back to you, you repeat the process. They will love how active it is, and you will love how it doesn’t have to be for you if you don’t want it to. Plus, the Chuck It! will go much farther distance wise than you can do manually.

This device is great for the backyard, or the cabin. Just imagine yourself sitting on your deck enjoying the lake, and chucking the ball for the dog without having to get up and retrieve it. And the best part is that you can grip the ball with the Chuck It! Launcher without ever having to actually touch it. No more slobber for you!

This product is currently on sale for $9.95 on Amazon, off from $12.69, and you have the choice between a variety of sizes for the handle.

Photo via Amazon

Photo via Amazon

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