Who Is President Trump’s Biggest Celebrity Rival?

Phillip Young Contributor
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Even before his election as president, Donald Trump had a number of feuds with different celebrities.

As a celebrity, Trump has been criticized plenty, and even more so now as a president.

There is no doubt that Trump loves engaging in social media wars with other public figures, whether it be Kim Jong Un or Robert De Niro.

President Trump uses his Twitter to keep Americans informed on his policies, but he also uses it to go around the mainstream media and let the American public know how he truly feels, leaving little chance of misinterpretation.

Trump’s latest Twitter war was with NBA star LeBron James. The president suggested it is hard to make James look “smart” after an interview with the “dumbest man on television, Don Lemon.” Trump even added, “I like Mike,” referring to his preference of Michael Jordan over James.

As expected, Trump got a lot of backlash from other NBA players who quickly rushed to James’ defense.

Who do you think is Trump’s biggest celebrity rival?

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