VOTE: Who Said The Dumbest Thing This Week?

By Rena Schild/ Shutterstock

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Perhaps no president has ever evoked reactions quite like Donald Trump. If you decide to bring up the latest news of the day involving the president to friends, family or just random people on the street, you will provoke a reaction. The fun part is not knowing whether you’ll inspire love or hate. (RELATED: CNN’s Acosta Shares Pre ‘Late Show’ Snap, Critics Have A Field Day)

If you watch cable news, however, you would have to be forgiven for thinking the rapture is near. In a media world that seems to have become a contest over who can gaslight the most outrage in response to whatever President Trump tweets, says or does, these four pundits and politicians take the cake this week for being the biggest purveyors of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS).

What was the most outrageous comment of the week? Vote in the poll below.