CNN’s Van Jones Supports Holding Attorney General Jeff Sessions In Contempt For ‘Flouting The Law’

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CNN commentator Van Jones said he supports the idea of holding Attorney General Jeff Sessions in contempt for his views on immigration enforcement because he’s failing to uphold the law.

Federal District Judge Emmet Sullivan was presiding over an immigration case and became frustrated after learning the defendants were being shipped back to El Salvador during the hearing. (RELATED: Van Jones Stand Up For ‘Sacred’ FBI And Accuses GOP Of Making America Less Safe)

Sullivan expressed his displeasure with some choice words for the federal government, according to CNN.

This is pretty outrageous. Somebody in pursuit of justice who has alleged a credible fear in her mind and is seeking justice in a United States court is just — is spirited away while her attorneys are arguing for justice for her? It’s outrageous. I’m very upset about that.

“New Day” claimed Sullivan’s tone indicates he’s thinking about holding Sessions in contempt and Jones jumped in to agree with the assessment.

“You’re seeing a big conflict now about key questions around the rule of law in the United States,” Jones said. “There is a law in the United States that frankly most Americans have been quite proud of that says, if you are fleeing persecution you have a right to come to the U.S. and at least be heard.”


“It doesn’t mean we have to take you,” he continued. “Doesn’t mean anybody who shows up can stay — but everybody gets a say. Gets their moment.”

Jones said Sessions is disregarding the law and putting his personal biases above the Constitution.

“This administration and Jeff Sessions says ‘I don’t care. I don’t like that law. I don’t like those people. I’m going to do what I want.’ This is the top cop. Sessions is supposed to enforce the law. He’s flouting the law,” Jones concluded.

“Our courts are having to point out to him ‘by the way, sir, you have to obey the law.’ The top cop has to obey the law. That’s now a controversy in America. This is so outrageous that we are back to literally 11th grade civics, whether or not everybody has to follow the law.”

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