Conservatives Condemn ‘Political Correctness’ In Statue’s Removal

David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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Conservative Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer is criticizing a decision to remove a statue of one of Canada’s founding father’s, Sir John A. Macdonald.

The city of Victoria, British Columbia is removing a statue of Canada’s first prime minister because he led Canada during a period when Residential Schools took Native children from reservations for education. As CTV News reports, Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps admits that Macdonald was a key figure in Canadian confederation but that the statue is a “painful reminder of colonial violence.”

Alberta Conservative Leader Jason Kenney is also outraged by the attacks on Macdonald’s name and legacy.


He also cited “political correctness” and referred to the removal of a historical statue for current political concerns as “historical vandalism.”

“John A. Macdonald was not a perfect man, but he was still a great man,” Kenney said.

“Macdonald’s audacity of vision is partly what made Confederation possible 150 years ago. It required incredible patience and a bold vision…We must honour his vision, his central role in the creation of what has become one of the greatest, freest and most prosperous countries.”

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