Former DEA Agent Says Bruce Ohr ‘Had Other Priorities’

Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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WASHINGTON–A former agent in charge of the Drug Enforcement Agency’s Special Operations Division called in to the Mark Levin Show Thursday night and wondered if Bruce Ohr prioritized other issues over his previous job as director of the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force.

The agent, Derek Maltz, detailed to Levin how illicit American businesses were funneling money to terrorist organizations, and that his suspicion was Ohr either sidelined or ignored his responsibility to track these businesses in order to pursue a political agenda against the Donald Trump campaign.

Ohr is a key Justice Department figure in the Congressional Russia investigation whose wife Nellie Ohr worked for Fusion GPS, the opposition researchers behind the Democrat-funded and Christopher Steele authored anti-Trump dossier.

According to a report from The Hill, Bruce Ohr had communicated with Steele after Steele had reportedly cut ties with the FBI.

Maltz called into Levin’s show and explained to the radio host he was the head of his division when there was an initiative against Hezbollah in their cocaine and money laundering activities.

“Major cocaine loads leaving Colombia South America going into West Africa. Cocaine is sold millions and millions of dollars are collected Middle Eastern couriers transporting the cash back to Beiruit, Lebanon. Hezbollah militants protecting the money going into the banks. Money transfers back to America. Going into bank accounts,” Maltz said.

He went on to say, “Middle Eastern used car businesses taking cash out– buying cars at auto auctions– sending the cars back down to West Africa to resell for like 20, 25 percent profit, and monies were going right back to Hezbollah to support their overall worldwide initiative.”

In 2011, Ohr was head of the Department of Justice’s transnational organized crime strategy.  The purpose of the strategy, according to Maltz, was to unite the U.S. government agencies to work against the biggest threats to the United States.

“Unfortunately, I now believe, based on everything I’m reading and hearing, that Mr. Ohr had other priorities as he was working in the Department of Justice with his political priorities,” said Maltz who said that Ohr’s responsibility was to unite the interagency of America to go after terror threats.

Last year Politico reported how the Obama administration let their operations, known as Project Cassandra, against Hezbollah slide. According to the report, Justice Department officials threw roadblocks and other obstacles in the way of investigators who were probing the Hamas threat.

“We had about 300 businesses in America identified and we seized 150 million dollars out of their bank accounts, but we couldn’t get the U.S. interagency government to work together because of the constant infighting and the lack of sharing of information,” Maltz said to Levin.

He added, “But the real issue is that Bruce Ohr did nothing about it. He did not address it. There was no one held accountable. And these businesses are still operating in America right in our backyards. And this is what the public doesn’t realize.”

In an e-mail statement to The Daily Caller, Maltz said, “Bruce Ohr could have been more engaged with the interagency to unite the efforts since it was a major national security priority. We blew some awesome opportunities and we are dealing with terror groups so no excuses.”

“Not sure what happened with Bruce but now hearing about all this discreet stuff he was engaging in, it really makes me wonder. I’m not suggesting he was solely responsible for the lack of action but he was tasked to get it done and it didn’t get done.”

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