Sebastian Gorka: The Establishment Media Aren’t Journalists, They’re ‘Political Activists’

Mike Brest Reporter
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Former Trump Administration official Sebastian Gorka called out the establishment news media for their ‘political activist’ nature during a discussion with Sean Spicer and Sean Hannity on Thursday night.


“None of them are journalists. All those people, my former colleague Sean Spicer, had to deal with at the podium, they are activists, they are political activists, doesn’t matter whether it’s the The New York Times, The Daily Beast, Huffington Post, they are all activists,” Gorka stated.

They were discussing New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman’s newest piece from Wednesday. He advocated for the media to cover Trump excessively in the hopes that his own shortcomings will turn Republicans off from voting in future elections. (RELATED: Greg Gutfeld Attacks NYT’s Friedman For Encouraging More Coverage On Trump To Help Dems)

“Don’t focus on the economy, the lack of unemployment, the roaring trade, economics, we’ve got to take him down. That is the left. They haven’t learned anything in the last two years and the results in the special elections this week and in the primaries tell you everything they have not learned. But hey, it’s great.”

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