This $35 Bundle Teaches You The Ins And Outs Of Successful Business Development Practices

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Whether you’re a recent college graduate looking to impress an employer, a business owner with the hopes of propelling your company forward, or anywhere in between, it’s a wise idea to invest in the instructional content that sharpens your business development and sales skills. With The Business Development & Sales Bundle, plan, network, and grow business with an all-encompassing B2B bundle of online courses.

Normally $1010, this business development & sales bundle is 96 percent off

Normally $1010, this business development & sales bundle is 96 percent off

The Business Development & Sales Bundle on sale for $35

This bundle teaches you valuable business development and sales skills no matter your background or level of experience. Kick things off by mastering one of the most valuable yet often misunderstood approaches to lead generation: cold emails. First, you’ll discover where to mine new potential clients for your business and add them to your campaign. Then, you’ll go over the basics, like identifying and solving your customer’s pain points, while learning how to write emails with the mindset of a professional copywriter, getting clients old and new to click and convert in no time.

Even better, this seven-course bundle — which features over 22 hours of instructional content — provides you with expert insight from successful businesspeople. Meaning, you’ll learn from the likes of Chris Haroun, an award-winning business school professor, Chris Croft, one of the UK’s leading business trainers, and Daragh Walsh, a Google Certified Marketer and online business owner. All of this means you’ll get practical advice from people who come from a variety of backgrounds but have all found success in business, which speaks to the quality of the lessons they impart.

Plan, network, and grow business with The Business Development & Sales Bundle for $35 in The Daily Caller Shop, which is only $5 per course.

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