CNN Asks Real Women What They Make Of Trump — Tosses The Softballs To His Haters

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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A “CNN Newsroom” segment on Saturday featured a group of women from Pennsylvania — a state which Trump won in 2016, and the site of one of the hotly contested races that could tip the balance in the Senate. Republican Lou Barletta, with whom President Trump rallied just last week, will face incumbent Democrat Bob Casey in November.

Host Ana Cabrera talked to the women about the issues — but she appeared to save most of the follow up questions for the women who defended President Trump.

“Does this president’s rhetoric bother you as Trump voters as Republicans?” She asked. “So is it okay for this president, the current president to use the kind of language that he does, whether it’s on Twitter or on TV?”

When one of the women explained that she saw a difference between the things President Trump has said and the things he has done, Cabrera pressed harder. She asked, “What do you make of his Twitter attacks against foreign leaders, against people of color, against athletes, against the media, against the Justice Department?”

The woman responded, “I mean, I think all the tweets should be looked at on a case by case basis. You know, he did say — he did put comments towards Kim Jong Un. But then they had a meeting. And that was a bigger deal than the tweets.”

And Cabrera pressed again, “So you’re willing to just overlook those.”

The woman held her ground, “I think that’s not what’s hurting America the most right now, his tweets.”

Two of the women who opposed Trump chimed in, claiming that he didn’t really represent Americans, and Cabrera quickly redirected the conversation, turning it back to the Republican women and Trump’s rhetoric. She said, “But publicly he’s insulted our allies. And praised people like Putin … and Kim Jong Un.”

One of the other pro-Trump women spoke up then, saying, “I think actions matter too. You know our economy is looking really good. Unemployment is at one of the lowest it’s been in decades. And I think that stuff matters too.”

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