Dan Bongino Weighs In On Bruce Ohr Developments: ‘They Are Covering For What They Did, The Democrats’

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor

Former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino weighed in on the implications of recent developments regarding DOJ official Bruce Ohr’s involvement in the lead-up to the Mueller investigation.

“Where is the real collusion scandal here?” he asked during a Saturday morning appearance on “Fox & Friends.”

Bongino made the case that, through Bruce Ohr, the DOJ was effectively “laundering” the information provided by dossier architect Christopher Steele — who had already been dropped by the FBI as a credible source.

The problem they have with Bruce Ohr, now we know this, it’s now on the record, this is not conspiracy stuff. This is real. We know that an FBI source, Christopher Steele, who in their own words, Pete, was deemed not suitable for use and Sekulow said was fired for leaking and not being a quality source anymore, his information then, which was not suitable for use, was re-laundered back into the Department of Justice through Bruce Ohr.

Given the recent developments, Bongino concluded, it was more clear to him than ever that the Mueller investigation was “a smoke screen.”

He explained, “It’s a smoke screen to cover for the Democrats’ actual collusion with Russians. I have no doubt, listen, I’m a conservative, I get a lot of liberals who watch the show and, of course, you are always welcome here. I get they will dismiss that and that’s fine … This is very dangerous what happened here. They are covering for what they did, the Democrats.”

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