Charlottesville Police Officer Attacked By Left-Wing Demonstrators

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A police officer in Charlottesville, Virginia was reportedly attacked Saturday and taken to the ground by what appeared to be left-wing demonstrators.

The scuffle was reported by Daily Progress reporter Allison Wrabel, who included several videos of the demonstrations on her Twitter feed.

“Crowd size and scuffle on Water Street with Police,” Wrabel tweeted. “No idea what happened.”

The video showed demonstrators marching and chanting “Black Lives Matter,” then veered to a scuffle between police and a group of demonstrators that left the officer and at least one person on the ground. Another police officer can be seen coming in to help break things up.

As of Sunday morning the video had been viewed over 240,000 times.

OAN Correspondent Jack Posobiec tweeted, “All-white crowd in Charlottesville chants ‘Black Lives Matter’ as State Police officer is beaten.”

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